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Sinomach YTO builds first tractor factory in Congo



The assembly production line of tractors in the factory built by Sinomach subsidiary YTO [Photo/YTO]

An agricultural equipment assembly plant project contracted by Sinomach subsidiary YTO Group Corporation (YTO) for the Republic of Congo has passed acceptance, bringing the first tractor production line to the country.

A ceremony was held to mark the official opening of the factory, which will mainly produce the 70-140 HP wheeled tractor. The ceremony was attended by the minister of state, minister of industrial development and minister of special economic zones.

Outside the customs warehouse trucks wait to transport equipment from China to the tractor production lines.[Photo/YTO]

As a key project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the tractor factory has received the close attention of the president of the Republic of Congo.

The tractor workshop under construction [Photo/YTO]

The project is one of the most advanced tractor manufacturing undertakings among African countries. With an annual output of 3,000 tractors, it can well meet the demand for agricultural equipment of local and neighboring countries. It is sure to improve local employment by creating a large number of jobs, and will greatly enhance the country’s capacity for manufacturing of machinery and its level of agricultural mechanization.

The Republic of Congo has a population of more than five million, with 12 million hectares of arable land, only five percent of which has been developed. Most have been extensively cultivated, resulting in Congo’s long-term dependence on food imports.

Group photo of workers from China and the Republic of the Congo posing at the tractor factory [Photo/YTO]